I Surrender(حسابداری،سلین دیان،کامپیوتر) - یک مجموعه تصویری بی نظیر از آموزش اکسل
جمعه بیست و دوم آذر 1387
یک مجموعه تصویری بی نظیر از آموزش اکسل

مفاهیم اولیه اکسل 

Using "Paste Special"
 Using Text to Columns
 Tips on Filtering with "AutoFilter"
 Using Goal Seek
 Data Validation in Excel
 About Conditional Formatting
 Basics of Protecting a Worksheet
 Basics of Using Subtotals
 Basics of Print Setup Options
 Formatting Tricks
 Grouping Tabs to Save Time
 Conditional Format with Four Conditions
  Adding Tool Tips to Cells


همه چیز درباره Pivot Table


Create a Basic Pivot Table
 Sorting in a Pivot Table
 Create a Drill Down Effect with a Pivot Table
 Adding a Calculated Field in a Pivot Table
 Grouping in a Pivot Table
 Creating Pivot Charts
 Using Pivot Table Advanced Options
 Get this video  Convert Pivot Tables Into Hard Data
  Get this video  Table Structures: Good and Not So Good
  Get this video Synchronize 2 Pivot Tables with a ComboBox
  Get this video  Tie a Chart to a Pivot Table
  Get this video  All About Multiple Consolidation Ranges
  Get this video  Pivot Table Based Conditional Chart
  Get this video  Add Dynamic Icons to Pivot Table Reports
  Get this video  Pivot Tables and Spreadsheet Bloat


همه چیز درباره نمودارها

 Formatting Charts
 Combo Charts and Formatting Data Points
 Create Dynamic Chart Labels
 Create a Histogram Chart
 Using the Bar to Pie Chart
 Add Average Line to a Chart
 Invert Negatives in a Chart
 Get Graphical without Charts?
 Use Excel Charts in PowerPoint Without Bloat
- Quick and Easy Organizational Chart
  Creating Bullet Graphs in Excel
  Get this video  Create a Basic Speedometer Chart
  Get this video  Create a Thermometer Effect in you Column Charts
  Get this video  Creating a Delta Chart
  Get this video  Creating a Benchmark Chart
  Get this video  Create a Scrolling Chart (Offset Function)

فرمولهای پيشرفته اکسل

- Alternate Shading with Conditional Formatting
- VLOOKUP formulas made easy
- Matrix Lookup Formula (Index and Match)
- Cell Information Functions
- Text and String Functions
- Using IF(AND()) & IF(OR())
- Using the SumProduct() Function
- Using the COUNTIF() to Find Duplicates
- Set Duplicates Warning with Data Validation
- Basics of Nested Formulas
- Conditional Sums and Array Formulas
- Formula to convert your dates to quarters
  Using the SUBTOTALS Function
  Get this video  Increase Available Undo Actions
  Get this video  Formula to Convert Trailing Minus Signs
   Get this video  Sort by Color without an Add-in
  Get this video  Turn a Row Oriented Dataset into a Column Oriented Dataset
  Get this video  Dynamic Ranges Finally Explained
  Get this video  Sort by Capitalization

موارد کاربردی دیگر در اکسل

 All About Recording Macros
 Fun Spreadsheet that does Magic Tricks
  Get this video  Cleaning up your Macro generated VBA code
  Get this video  Using Macros to create a user interface u
  Get this video  Using Spreadsheet Form Controls
  Get this video  Send Emails with SENDEMAIL method
  Get this video  Create your First User Form (Create a Splash Screen)
  Get this video  Calling up Excel Dialog Boxes
  Get this video  Force Users to Enable Macros

کاربرد هاي Visual Basic  در اکسل

 Quick overview of VBA
 Understanding Reference Libraries
 Declaring Variables
 Using If Statements
 Using Select Case Statements
 The Basics of the Do Loops
 Using For Next Loops
 Looping with For Each Statements

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